Sunday, 30 November 2008

David Vs. Goliath

As I write this, I am currently watching my beloved Leeds United F.C. take on lowly Histon F.C., a part-time club who are sitting pretty at the top of the Blue Square Premier, with a team consisting of plumbers, postmen and teachers. Cup upset anyone?

Now i'm not one to have a go at my team but at present, i'm worried. Jermaine Beckford, the country's leading goalscorer in all divisions so far this season, is out for a month with a snapped Hamstring and our defence is looking very, very ropey.

It's gonna be a fiesty encounter which the whole country will be begging for an upset to be taking place in but I believe we have enough quality to see of these lads 'cause...

WE ARE LEEDS AND WE'RE NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE... But just try telling that to Scum...


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